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Monday, September 14, 2009

Interview with Connections Magazine

Connections Magazine,
September 2009

Write Here in NEPA

by Allison Mowatt

The next time you visit your local bookstore, whether it is a large chain or a small independent book nook, consider the shelves and tables that are brimming with books. Northeastern Pennsylvania is brimming with authors. Some of them are brand new writers; some have been writing for years, considering it a passion more than a hobby, and others never planned on becoming an author but find themselves enjoying every minute of it. One thing they all share, though, is they call Northeastern Pennsylvania home.

HELEN SILVESTRI (Pen name-Ellen Chaksil), Peckville, Pa.

Helen Silvestri is a religious author whose decision to write is truly an amazing experience and a blessing from God. "I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to begin writing," she said. The eighty-year-old author grew up in Eynon, Pa. and currently resides in Peckville. She began writing seriously after she was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1978. During this time, she was initiated into a Catholic Charismatic prayer group.

After Helen was baptized, she was graced with the gift of prophecy and began receiving words from God. The message she heard became clear over the years by way of prayer, scripture, prophecy, supplementary articles, and books. The words that came into her consciousness were "When they are threatened with the loss of all this, only then will they turn to Me." This entire process and the prophecy that was revealed to her is explained in detail in her first book, With God There is Hope Hope for Humanity, which is published by Tribute Books in Archbald.

After she received these prophetic words, she saw a vision of chaos surrounding the steps of the Vatican's St. Peter’s Basilica and felt that this was a message that humanity was threatened. She needed to share her experience with church officials so she left her home in Peckville and traveled to the Vatican. Eventually, she made contact with Pope John Paul II and received official recognition that he had read a letter she had sent him detailing the prophecy she received from God.

Helen spoke with someone from Harvard Medical School who provided hypothetical proof that when people pray together, energy is emitted. Helen views her book as a way to educate people on the power of prayer. One of the important messages Helen wants to share is that when the world is united in prayer, only then can a power be generated to prevent catastrophe and allow humanity’s continued existence. The catastrophe would be the result of either the Earth turning on its axis, another planet encroaching upon the orbit of Earth, or an immense asteroid plummeting into the Earth to disrupt its rotation.

Writing With God There is Hope: Hope for Humanity was a labor of love and required a lot of research and studying, but Helen embraced every minute of it as she saw it as "being in touch with God by way of His Holy Spirit."

Helen has received much recognition for With God There is Hope: Hope for Humanity and was one of eight finalists in the National Best Books 2008 Awards. She has been interviewed on local television and also by the Scranton Times Tribune and the Scranton edition of the Times Leader. In addition, she recently won the 2009 Volunteer Award from Lackawanna County Prison. The 4th Annual Volunteers Program called "I Make a Difference" was held at the prison this past June, and Helen was chosen for her weekly visits with the Monday Prayer Group.

Her novel can be found at Borders in Dickson City, Barnes and Noble in Wilkes Barre, and


"What an honor it is to know you and to have read your book. It is a wonderful story of your prophetic journey. You were truly touched by the Spirit."
Bobbie Hunt, President of the National Council of Catholic Women

"Congratulations on one fantastic book! I couldn't put it down. You give a lot of food for thought. You have been blessed to be the messenger and courageous to share the message."
Ellen Bachman, Past President of the National Council of Catholic Women

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